Residential Services

Reports clearly show that there are more than four thousand reported cases of loss of lives and properties in North America every 365 days. Due to poor security system, this gets down to poor locksmith services. But do you know that all your loved ones and valuables could be highly safe and secured, while on a vacation at Hawaii? Or do you love going out for a run very early in the morning or are you always in a hurry to beat the clock. With our product you can confidently lock things up and leave immediately without having to always double check if things are in place or are you always scared of being bugled. You will have the maximum security that you've always wanted and such that you're totally in control of.

House Un-locking

It is more than frustrating forgetting your key inside your apartment or at your workplace. Or after you amazing trip back from Hawaii only to find out that your ky didn't make it back home with you, . Perhaps you can't possibly remember where you dropped it. Are you feeling worried already? You need not to. Our company doesn't just provide you with highly secured lock system but also with a backup plan. Aside providing our customers with spare keys, we also offer assistance in delivering spares to your destination. All you need to do is give us a call and we'll be helping you get in just in minutes. This will go a long way in helping you deal with emergency situation. This will also save you more time

Lost or Damaged Replacement

Are you moving into a new place or you just bought a house but you still want our locks in and out of your house or maybe you're handling some renovations and wish to get rid of the weak locks and keys around. Our company has also put that into considerations and has got you covered. We provide great deal of skilled craftsmanship to our clients. With professionals who literally see, breathe and live security.
This will go a long way in helping you cut cost and grasp the very best at the same time. You don't just sell off keys and locks. We sell security and offer assistance anytime you need us around.